Saturday, July 21, 2012

Potato Beetle - Tomato Garden Pests

This week I have been finding these beetle bugs in my tomato garden.   After doing some research, I found out that these bugs were potato beetles.  These bugs have been attacking my tomato plants.  Today, I spent many hours picking these bugs off my tomato plants.  All together I picked off 126 of these potato beetles from my tomato plants.  While picking the beetles from my garden I also picked off over 300 of the tiny orange potato beetle eggs mostly under many tomato leaves. 
In the many years of gardening, I have never even seen these beetles in any gardens.  These beetles have eaten many of my tomato leaves.  These potato beetle garden pests are not fun.  Most of the beetles I found were in the lower base area of my tomato plants, with a few near the top.  I was finding the egg bunchs in many different areas of the tomato leaves.

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